Truly enjoyed your singing style. Are you in and around New York ? Best Wishes*

What a clear, refreshing voice. I found out about you through listening to Sheila Jordan's piano jazz performance. I went to her site which links to yours, I am very impressed with your voice and your story.

Hello Jessica,

Could you please add my email address to your Mailinglist?
Thank you!


Hi Jessica,
When is the next time that you'll be performing at Session 73 and/or NYC?


Anyone with a name like that is number ONE in my book! Beautiful music!

Oh, how charming !! We must work together sometime.

like ur stuff
greetings from capverdie
friend from julio

Hey Jessica,
what a fantastic performance @ Tutuma Social Club.

All the best for 2010, M


I wish you all the best for your promising career!!
Just listened to your latest songs..... I REALLY like them a lot. They help me bring maturity to my taste!
And by the way, your pictures are as hot as your voice, but slightly less touching and inspiring than you as a whole :)

I guess you now have another fan!

You are so beatiful and your voice is wonderful!!!
It feels yesterday for me that we were heading to manhattan by 7 train for your singing performance at the jazz cafe.
Now you are professional!!

Wow! Jessica Medina you are so TALENTED! Beautiful, amazing personality, smart and talented. I send you tons of love and light your way! LOVE Flor De Lis, it's one of my favorite songs! I can't wait to see your next show. Your #1 fan here!

Beautiful new site for a gorgeous and talented lady!

jessica medina is not only beautiful and talented, but really knows how to crop a photo!

Wow! Love the new site.